Certified Call Center Supervisor

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Without effective agent performance assessment, feedback and coaching, floor management and instant support, the team does not move forward. Too often, supervisor do not feel comfortable giving direct, constructive feedback and as a result, when they do give feedback it is not always clear, actionable & accepted by the agent. This program will transform your supervisor into real leader who can make impact, exponential results in team performance and achieving goals

  • Date: 02/08/2020 09:00 AM - 05/08/2020 01:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


Program Objective:

  • Understand the Quality Monitoring Life-cycle , process and methods
  • Understand definitions of training, coaching, mentoring and counseling
  • Develop and implement an effective coaching programs
  • Understand The benefits of coaching and counseling in the workplace
  • Understand the characteristics of effective coaches and counselors
  • Information type & format and contact data classification

Program Contents and Tracks

Leadership and Organizational Dynamics: 

  • Fundamentals of leadership in call center dynamic
  • Call Center org chart “your engine”
  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • Most important criteria when hiring leaders
  • Leaders Roles and Duties in call center context
  • Top Measurements for evaluating Leaders Performance

Quality Call Monitoring Life-cycle: 

  • What is Quality Monitoring?
  • Monitoring Components
  • Major Benefits of Quality Monitoring
  • Quality Monitor Roadmap
  • Methods of Quality Monitoring
  • Scorecard Form , contents and Measures
  • Feedback process (who, when, how & types)
  • Challenge of Quality Monitoring

Coaching for Peak Performance:

  • Important Definitions
  • Call Center Best Practice Model for coaching and counseling
  • The benefits of good Coaching and Counseling
  • Why leaders avoid coaching?
  • The Development Process - roadmap
  • Feedback preparation Process
  • EARS Model for effective listening
  • The GROW coaching Model
  • Preparation of Coaching sessions
  • Improvement action plan

MIS and Call Center Reporting: 

  • Corporate Information Needs
  • The Contact Center Leaders Challenges
  • Collection of Key Customer Data
  • Contact Center Report Types