Certified Call Center Coach Program

Certified Call Center Coach Program


4 Days

Program Objectives

  • Understand definitions of training, coaching, mentoring and counseling
  • Understand Call Center Agent Life-cycle
  • Develop and implement an effective coaching programs in call center environment
  • Understand The benefits of coaching and counseling in the workplace
  • Understand the characteristics of effective coaches and counselors 
  • Define employee development process road map 
  • Discover the Characteristics of feedback process 
  • Identify ways to think creatively and work towards creative solutions

Program Content

  • Important Definitions 
  • Call Center Best Practice Model for coaching and counseling
  • The benefits of good Coaching and Counseling
  • Why leaders avoid coaching and counseling?
  • The Development Process - road map Feedback preparation Process
  • Characteristic of effective feedback
  • EARS Model for effective listening
  • The GROW coaching Model
  • Preparation of Coaching sessions
  • Improvement action plan
  • Coaches Best Practice
  • Coaching / counseling simulations
  • Case studies & role-plays

Delivery Methods: 

On-Site - Private (Courses that are held at your contact center site and are tailored to your timing and content needs)                    

In-Person - Public (Courses that announced in our training calendar)         

Live Webinar (Courses that are held via state-of-the-art Webinar solution and are tailored to your timing and content needs)                 

On Demand (Courses that held from the comfort of your own home using state-of-the-art Learning Experience Platform (LXP)