e-Business Customer Service

With the advent of e-business technology, we suddenly find ourselves with completely different customer service channels. The old paradigms are gone forever. This books details how to measure and manage e-business customer service. The book describes the key performance indicators for these new channels, and it describes how to manage by these new rules of engagement with specific metrics. Managing customer service in this “new age” is different, it is challenging, and it is impossible to migrate from the old to the new without reading this book.

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“Drs. Anton and Hoeck have clearly presented the economies and the methodologies of channel integration in the customer contact center. Real world examples and analysis provide a solid understanding of the best practices initiatives and performance targets that bring balance to service effectiveness and efficiency. The book is sure to become a frequently used reference work on the bookshelf of Customer Service Executives and Managers in all industries.” — David L. Baker, Managing Partner, Lynch, Young and Company

“In the dynamic field of customer relationship management, the company that fails to plan, review and constantly modify its systems and processed will certainly be left behind. This book offers industry leaders – and those who wish to become industry leaders- an excellent resource for understanding best practices and effectively enhancing their e-CRM in a fiscally responsible and progressive manner. A ‘must read’ for senior executives.” — Jim Koontz, Certified Call Center Auditor Principal, HR Management Consulting

“I was thrilled to finally see a professional book dedicated to customer service in our exciting new e-business world. This unique book serves as a roadmap for all of us to design, implement, measure, and manage our e-CRM initiatives. I strongly recommend this book to all customer service professionals.” — Anita Rockwell, The Rockwell Group, LLC

“Customers today are demanding new access channels, but also expect integration of service across all of their interactions. This book provides a logical, thorough guide to help companies reach the right place for successful e-business customer service. The topic is complex, but enormously important to most companies today, and the authors have collected a great deal of useful information and learning in one volume. this is a book to read more than once.” — G. Paul Kowal, President, Kowal Associates, Inc.

Meet The Authors

Dr. Jon Anton

Dr. Jon Anton was an adjunct professor at Purdue University and director of benchmark research at the Center for Customer-Driven Quality. He published many books, white papers and case studies on contact center topics and was a pioneer in research of best practices in the customer contact sector.

He started the benchmarking database which is now managed by BenchmarkPortal. During his career in our industry, Dr. Jon authored the following monthly publications: “The Purdue Page” in Call Center Magazine, “Dr. Jon’s Benchmarks” in Call Center News, “Dr. Jon’s Industry Statistics” in Customer Interface Magazine, and “Dr. Jon’s Business Intelligence” in the Call Center Manager’s Report.

In August of 1996, Call Center Magazine honored Dr. Jon by selecting him as an Original Pioneer of the emerging call center industry. In October of 2000, Dr. Jon was named to the Call Center Hall of Fame. In January of 2001, Dr. Jon was selected for the industry’s “Leaders and Legends” Award by Help Desk 2000.