Workforce Management Certification Program

Workforce Management Certification Program


2 Days

Program Objectives

  • What is workforce management and why is it important.
  • How to develop an effective forecast process.
  • Forecasting process and terminology.
  • Strategies for creative staffing and management
  • Scheduling - putting the associates in the right place.
  • Intra-Day scheduling and real time management.

Program Content

  • Resource Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Intraday Adjustments
  • Working the Control Tower
  • Analytics and Metrics to Manage Optimizing
  • Organization of the Workforce Management Team
  • Workforce Management Software Tools

Delivery Methods: 

On-Site - Private (Courses that are held at your contact center site and are tailored to your timing and content needs)                    

In-Person - Public (Courses that announced in our training calendar)         

Live Webinar (Courses that are held via state-of-the-art Webinar solution and are tailored to your timing and content needs)                 

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