Organization Development


Organization Development 

Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • Gain a deep appreciation for the components of strategic planning and implementation in order to achieve strategic results.
  • Focus on leaders’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors in achieving results through understanding and applying key components: external environment, strategic intent, innovation, business model, processes, organization design, workforce talent, and culture.

Organizational Assessments

  • Understand and apply tools such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, and assessments to identify and address key issues and opportunities for improving your organization’s team or department.

Change Management

  • Collaborate with teams and organizations to design, develop, and deliver a change management and leadership plan to respond to external or internal changes impacting the team or organization.

Competency Development

  • Partner with managers to identify required core competencies (knowledge, skills, and behaviors) for individuals to achieve business and organizational goals.

Team Development

  • Partner with customer to design, develop, and sustain high-performing teams to achieve business and organizational results.
  • Deploy appropriate assessment tools with a focus on purpose, structure, tasks, norms, and competencies that align with strategic direction of the organization.

Performance Improvement Consulting

  • Partner with managers and teams to identify and close performance gaps to achieve expected business and organizational results.

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