ContactsPlus can support the full range of business requirements, including:

  • Optimization of contact center operations – identification of synergies within and among different centers
  • Process mapping and re-design
  • Evaluating organizational governance structure and recommending improvements
  • Investment analysis and prioritization
  • Physical and virtual consolidation engagements
  • Training and Knowledge Management development and remediation
  • Quality Program analysis and fine tuning
  • Outsourcing processes and governance structure
  • Contact Center Technology evaluations and RFP processes
  • IVR evaluations (multi-lingual capabilities) and scripting and branching documentation

The ContactsPlus team includes professionals with decades of experience in “as is” analysis and documentation, business requirements assembly, center design, and phased implementation of solutions for the customer contact sector.  This experience includes wide ranging consulting experience on behalf of top tier centers seeking to improve their organizational structure, processes and technology.  Our team is able to identify both root cause issues and integrated solutions that will optimize performance in financial terms and in terms of service to customers.

Our engagements usually include a complete benchmarking of your operations against your competitive peers to reveal strengths and weaknesses in performance.

Our team is also able to draw upon ContactPlus continuing research, to identify best practices in all aspects of call center operations, including CRM, Knowledge Management, workflow optimization; call center needs analysis and enabling technologies.

ContactPlus disciplined, structured approach to discovery, assessment and analysis assures you of substantial, on-point consulting advice that will make a real, measurable difference. We can also support your team with implementation requirements, including management of RFPs for technology, introduction of new processes, etc.

Note that ContactPlus extensive experience includes calculating financial benefits of improvement initiatives, allowing us to assist clients with business case analysis.

Re-Engineering and Crisis Intervention

In addition, ContactsPlus stands ready to help if your center is experiencing a crisis or has chronic difficulties such as the following:

  • Leadership deficit, due to death, retirement, resignation – – or rapid growth
  • Inability to get processes right
  • Crisis mode all the time
  • Chronic morale problems and high turnover
  • Never-ending competitive challenges
  • Low Customer satisfaction scores
  • Stubbornly high costs
  • Difficulty adapting to multi-channel functions, up-sell requirements, or the continually changing landscape of Customer preferences
  • Serious issues with governance of your home agent or outsourcing programs
  • Persistent inability of your training function to produce high- performing agents
  • Inadequate or non-existent Knowledge Management tools
  • Our re-engineering capabilities can help turn difficult situations around and make your center a source of competitive strength.  

These engagements can include:

  • ContactsPlus assessment methodology, based on competitive metrics and best practices.
  • Hands-on process re-engineering management experience.
  • The best managers, consultants and trainers in our sector. You can leverage the proven leadership capabilities of our experts.
  • Innovative capabilities, including proven Sales Benchmark product aimed at increasing revenues (inbound sales, outbound sales, cross and up-sales, collections)
  • Ability to structure the engagement you need to show near-term results.
  • Ability to mobilize in relatively short period of time.
  • These engagements are tailored to the needs of the individual client and may include short-, medium- and or long-term assistance, as well as ongoing mentoring, provision of temporary management, etc.

Contact us and we will review your needs and options with you in detail.  All such initial consultations are completely confidential and at no cost to our clients.

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