Our team at ContactsPlus offers a full suite of development services to make your new call center implementation a success!

  • Comprehensive Roster of Technology Partners
  • Practical Project Management and Operations Expertise
  • Demonstrated New Site Implementation Experience
  • Ongoing Professional Services After Setup

Our team knows all areas of call center development. . We have helped our clients with everything from 

  • locating and acquiring the physical site for the new call center, 
  • Designing the call center’s configuration, sourcing and building out the cubes and infrastructure, 
  • Bringing in the best vendor partners, 
  • Working with our client to source and hire staff, 
  • Building out processes, 
  • Developing and delivering training and much more.

We can also help you professionally “project manage” the implementation of the center. 

Many of our clients ask us to stay on in some capacity after implementation to handle the Professional Services piece of their operation. Our Professional Services team can act as the primary point of contact with your clients, run your support processes such as Workforce Management, QA, etc and manage any other “one off” process or department your organization will need help with.

New call center development is an extremely challenging and rewarding opportunity for any call center leader. 

Let us walk every step of the way with you on this journey!