Customer & Agent Satisfaction Assessments


The Goals of our Customer Satisfaction Survey Methodology

  • To include the customer in the call evaluation process, thereby ensuring that coaching and requested changes in agent behavior are in-line with the customer’s needs,
  • To ensure that the organization becomes more customer-driven by getting customer feedback,
  • To ensure that the “voice of the customer” is being heard for use by the center and by other areas of the enterprise,
  • To route unhappy callers immediately to a customer service recovery team,
  • And finally, to keep top management current on the performance of the Client’s customer service call center.

The Goals of our Agent Satisfaction Survey Methodology

  • Conduct a comprehensive study of what your agents think about working at your center
  • Identify the major “satisfiers” that build morale and help retention
  • Find the major “dis-satisfiers” which sap morale, hamper productivity and contribute to turnover
  • Discover the places where technology gaps are holding back excellent service
  • Understand the links between agent satisfaction and caller satisfaction.